A lightweight open source Mixin and AOP framework for C#

Wacky Ideas 1: Inheritance is dead, long live mix-ins!

Jon Skeet MS MVP - Coding Blog

Installing [pMixins]

[pMixins] is a 100% free download from the Visual Studio Gallery and NuGet.

Code Generator
The first step to get up and running with [pMixins] is to install the Code Generator plugin for Visual Studio from the Visual Studio Gallery . Alternatively, it can be installed directly from the Extensions and Updates window from within Visual Studio by searching for pmixins.

Once installed, the [pMixins] Code Generator will begin generating code-behind files for any class decorated with the pMixin attribute.

Adding the [pMixins] Framework to your Project
Once the Code Generator is installed into your Visual Studio, you'll need to add the [pMixins] Framework package from NuGet. This package contains the pMixin attribute used to decorate your Target classes.

As an alternative to installing the [pMixins] Framework from NuGet, you can install the [pMixins] Code Generator - Item Template for Visual Studio 2013 or for Visual Studio 2012 . The [pMixins] Code Generator - Item Template adds the pMixins Class File to the Add New Item Visual Studio dialog window. Adding a file of this type to your project will automatically add the [pMixins] Framework.