A lightweight open source Mixin and AOP framework for C#

Why Mixin / AOP

  • Promote Code Reuse
  • Remove Boilerplate Code
  • De-obfuscate Your Code
  • Adhear to Liskov Substitution
  • Avoid Inheritance as Antipattern

Why [pMixins]?

  • Intellisense Support
  • No Compiler Magic
  • Single Assembly Dependency - Delivered via NuGet
  • Simple, Straightforward AOP
  • 100% Free!



Welcome to [pMixins] with Hello World!




[How It Works]

Learn about Design-Time weaving and how [pMixins] creates the code-behind


How It Works



Explore what lead to the creation of [pMixins] and when Inheritance becomes an anti-pattern.






Get up and running in no time with these common usage scenarios and examples!




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